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Our Mission

We are official!! After working tirelessly to help our beloved southern pets, we have gotten our non profit status and are in a beautiful position to expand our rescue efforts!!!

Are you looking to help a great organization who saves animals? (primarily dogs but we have rescued even horses, pigs, donkeys, mules and kitties!) We would love to hear from you!

Are you looking to find an amazing companion to make your heart and home complete? we would LOVE to work with you to help you find that perfect match!

Great Divide Animal Rescue (GDAR) is a 501(c)3 non profit organization based out of North Carolina. We are run by amazing animal lovers who work tirelessly for the rescue, rehabilitation, and successful placement of the most needy of animals.

Our focus is to help animals of all species in need. We do so by providing services in both rescue/foster/placement of homeless pets, but we also partner with several animal control facilities.

Adoption Policy

Are you looking for a new best friend to share your life with?

Are you in a secure living situation where you are allowed to have animals?

Has your whole family discussed and agrees NOW is the time? and do you all have an idea of what type of pet will meet the needs of all family members?

Are you in an emotionally and financially secure position where you know you can make a long term committment of taking on a new friend?

Do you feel you have a loving, nurturing home where your new companion will thrive?

If you answered yes to these questions, then now may be a great time for you to add to your family!!


Thanks for everything!

They are so affectionate and are getting more and more comfortable everyday. We love them- Thanks for everything!

They are loving

Hello! The kittens made the ride home really well.  They snuggled up together in the carrier.  They are already exploring and playing.   We tried out a few names and have landed on Hazel (Calico) and Scout (tiger).   They are loving exploring their new home.  Thank you again!

LOTS of kisses

Dear Angels (especially Barbara, Jennifer & Greg),

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the animals you save including Dudley & Prince. I am Boone’s (the dog formerly known as Prince) forever furmom & he is truly a blessing. I will look at him every day & be forever grateful for all you do.

Boone is doing wonderful. He has a kitty sister named Princess (had to change his name.. Prince & Princess was a bit much haha plus I wanted him to have a new beginning) & a Pit brother almost the exact age named Apollo. He loves them both & vice versa!! Princess literally lays on him & I caught him giving her a kiss a time or two!!! He loves his walks, car rides (he stands in the center & is my copilot) & lounging around on the couch & bed too. Boone loves to be covered up under blankets & the first time he jumped on my bed he went bonkers with happiness. He adores treats, but makes it clear no milkbones only the good ones (what a treat snob haha). He gives LOTS of kisses & I keep telling him just wait until its warm out & he will love the river & hiking too!!! If it wasn’t for you all & Barbara especially, I would have never had him & cannot picture this home & my life without him…

Here are a few pictures of what Boone has been up to =)

I wish you all nothing but the very best in 2018,


One day...there she was!!!

From Sheras New Mom:

I lost my beloved dog just a week before Christmas and vowed I would never ever get another dog.  I could never love another dog.  After missing those doggie kisses I started to just "look" at dogs who were up for adoption on petfinder so I could see them but NOT to adopt one.  They were all cute. Day after day I saw cutie little faces and then carried on.  One day...there she was!!!  Something about Shera and her story made me fill out an application.  I was afraid I wouldn't get her...but I did!!  I could not have asked for a better dog than this girl. She is always giving me kisses and never makes a sound. I don't even know what her bark sounds like!  It has been almost a week and I'm in total love with this baby.  I will never forget my dog and she will always have a piece of my heart...but now Shera owns a Piece of her own.

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